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Specifications Overview:


250 and 300-gallon rotationally molded polyethylene holding tank works well in many applications. It is most often used under on-site office trailers, but has also been used for temporary waste storage in other locations as well. The low profile tank has dimensions of 6’ x 3’ 11 ½” x 18”.

Black Water Tanks:


Black Water Tanks are manufactured using resins that meet FDA specifications to ensure safe storage of potable water. The black color limits light penetration, which reduces the growth of waterborne algae. These tanks are rated at 8 pounds per gallon, which means that they are for WATER STORAGE ONLY! They should not be used for chemicals, fertilizers or any other products. For above ground use only. Do not bury.

Capacity: 500 and 1000 gallons.

Septic Tanks:


For septic system replacement and new home construction, septic tanks are designed for durability and quick, easy installation. Any septic tank can be transported to the job site in a pickup truck and carried by just two people. That enables you to install the tank on your schedule. Septic tanks come equipped with manhole covers and detailed installation procedures. Manhole extensions and lid/riser combinations are available to bring tank access

to grade and to meet code specifications. For buried use only. Do not use above ground.

Capacity: 500 and 1000 gallons.